Intergrated PC desk v.1 (decomissioned)

This will pretty much be a project log that I have never updated during the process. This is my first furniture project, so for those who can see it, I was still quite learning the basics of fine woodworking. I will have to go about this by memory, a lot of the pics are self-describing to me. I’ll probably do alright explaining what is going on in each pic. In addition, I’ll go explain what flaws I see and how I will improve it on the project or make the change apply to my future projects. Hell, we all have to keep on learning to move forward. Anyways, do enjoy.

This is the before pic. I kept the metal frame. The specs of the PC at the time:

  • AMD 955 quadcore CPU (OD’d at 3.8ghz)
  • MSI GD70 motherboard
  • Corsair XMS3 (Oc’d at 3.2ghz) (9-9-9-24)
  • Thermaltake though power XT 775 watt
  • 5600RPM 160GB WD Sata (primary) 7200RPM Seagate 2TB (storage)
  • XFX 4870 video card
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card
  • Ultra Alumisious case

I was inspired by Peter Brands who built the L3p desk (seriously, check it out, it is a very beautiful desk). I had never designed a computer desk before, so I did looked at L3p and a couple of other projects and took what I liked.

On this project, I used about 8 board feet of ash. the “floor board” is 3/4 plyboard ash. the rest are made from 4/4 planed and squared to 3/4″thickness. This was the first piece of furniture that I had built, however I do posses some woodworking skills (handy-man repair work mainly).

Made up the stocks (10/25/11)

The liquid cooling kit had arrived (10/27/11)

(11/16/11) I brought this home from woodshop, I had the idea at the time that I was going to use the frame lid to cover the metal frame that would hold the box. However, I realized that I wouldn’t have enough room for my legs, so I ended up trimming down the frame to match the dimensions of the box itself.

Started applying the coats of poly-urethane (12/20/11 – 12/23/11)

lugged the thing upstairs (12/25/11) I wished I took some pics of the last minute holes for the 5.25 bays and the power button, what a mess.

A afterthought for the hard drives (12/31/11) I call it the “Hand Basket”

Hard Drive bracket

These were taken way after completion (4/16/12)


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