Wood PC desk V.2 (completed)

The Finished Product2013-08-22 10.38.382013-08-22 10.26.56

Specs: (as of 9-12-13) (updated, the 6870 started saying it’s farewells)

CPU:AMD FX-6200 3.8Ghz (OC’d at 4.3Ghz)

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX

Ram:Corsair DDR3 1600 (1.6gGhz)

Graphics: Powercolor 7870

Hard Drives: 2 SSD’s 150GB, 2 HHD 2.2TB

PSU: Thermaltake though power XT 775 watt

Now here is project log entries I made during the build.

This a project that was started back in late august of 12′. I propose the project on bit-tech forum. I actually wanted to show off my first build (I know… those short lived moments of glory) and get comments on it. I received nice comments, I was actually happy, in fact I was already having a good day at school and work when I saw the L3P fellow commented on my first build. That guy’s desk inspired me to build the desk v.1. When I completed that project, I was very happy with the finish of the poly-urethane, it looked absolutely gorgeous. The melamine glass is a plus, the lights complement the work that I did. Anyways, who really gets it first try? There are a list of things that I noticed right away in both design and construction.

Here is a run down on “things” that I would do different:

– The placement of the radiator is making my left knee cold sometimes, especially in the winter months. I should of tried to place it towards the back instead of the front. I made the decision of  the placement of the radiator because I wanted to exhaust the heat straight to the window. In my area, we usually get North western winds, withe position of my place, the window over to the left where I would be sitting would be open, it is faced west to the pacific and another window next to where the desk is placed. I had a setup where I used the airflow to help cool down the system. It actually does, about a 3 degree celius difference at idle. to get to the point, I thought having the intake and exhaust to close wouldn’t do it because the intake may take in some of the exhaust air.

– The second exhaust fan is pretty much useless, I never really have the thing on. What I should of done? I could’a switched the location of the fan with the PSU. That would of made it better. I thought it would be ok if I used the fan on the PSU to pull away the heat from the northern end of the Mobo. I later resolved this issue  with a PCI fan placed next to the Mosfet. Temp. has went down a little.

– I really wished that I had a veneer about a 1/4″ to cover the mess. I used some black zip-ties to manage the mess, it was ‘better’. I didn’t think about this when designing.

– The hard drive rack was a complete after thought, man I did had an epidenmy for myself there.

– The placement of the liquid cooling wasn’t completely thought through, this is because I am new to making this from scratch.

That was pretty much a run down of all of the things I would do different next time.

I started V.2 with similar dimensions to v.1. I decided that I would have the PSU, HD’s, Radiator, and pump tucked away in the back that would be sealed off. I knew I would make some changes as I go into more designing and less when constructing the actual desk. Here is my first model.

SketchUp prototype

Later on, I decided to make some key changes, some that is needed and some that might make some people wonder. Firstly, I added a exhuast port in the rear compartment, I knew I’ll add that in a later model.

Another thing I’ll change is there will be no DVD drive, thats right, no CD’s. The reason I made this decision is because

1. I haven’t used a CD in a long time, the vast majority of programs that I own are bought on line, heck I even installed Windows 7  with a USB stick.

2. They say that computer companies are not going to have a CD drive included in their products at all. I feel that we are going in that direction.

3. With programs older, lets say 05′ I keep the serial number in dropbox, that is what I actually own right?

I’ll still have a 5.25 bay, it will contain a fan controller and a USB reader.

The Construction

The wood that I’ll be using on this desk will be the same as the last one. Eastern Ash. It is a really nice choice, cheap, strong, and a really gorgeous wood with it’s little zig zaging knots and some of it’s brown spots that make the cut. Here are some AutoCAD designs, not the rendered pics (I have not developed those yet), these are basic plans.

Here is qucik description of each pic:

  1. The plan for desk, except the lids.
  2. The lids.
  3. After planing the sides of the desk.
  4. Recycling scrap pieces for the panel that covers up what I’ll be placing in the back
  5. After finshing the top frame that will display the computer.
  6. This is the floor board. I actually wished I didn’t have to use these pieces because they look really good, I’ll might scrap the 1/4″ veneer for something else.

This is all I have for now, as of 9-20 12:14 PT


I am currently not able to do anything at the moment, I am currently working on my mother’s key rack (which I had to hold off for various reasons). So I made up a few CAD images of what the desk will look like once completed. a note I’ll like to add is the graphic of the wood grain does not represent the actual hue of the wood and finish I’ll be using, to get an idea look at v.1 to see what I am referring to. Also, I did figure out an alternative to the veneer I was originally planing, I’ll make the cut big enough for all the wires to come through, come to think about it, that’ll actually look much better.


Alright it has been awhile since i made some updates, but things have been slow and moderately busy lately. Because of the gas prices in California and it just so happened that most of the project is at the wood shop class, there isn’t much that I can do between classes.  I have a list of tools to get me going so I wouldn’t be so dependent  like a lot of the older folk in the woodshop.  The list would cost me almost $1,200 and I am making it as cheap as I can without losing quality. So that is out of the way, here is the progress that I have made since my last entry.

On 10-3, I made a mistake on routing out the fan intake ports on the right side of the desk casing, I made the holes in the wrong spot. I actually had it set correctly, but I made the mistake of not checking out the back of the piece where I made a Mortison. In addition to the local specialty wood store didn’t have wide enough rough stock to cover it, so this is actually a good way to use some of my scraps from previous projects. unfortently I didn’t take a picture of the process as I got all caught up on finishing the project. Anyways here is the pic of the mistake.

It is the far one where I messed up, the holes should be on the other side.

on 10-10, I simply made the tendons on the floor board, cut it to final dimensions.

on 10-12, mobo tray finally arrived!

on 10-13, I worked on the mobo tray

one coat of brass.

The thumb screws also get some attention as well.

Here is what it looks like


I just did the legs, they turned out pretty good. I also made up a new side (where I messed up on fan port positions) for the box.

I made the angle at 103 degrees, the leg may seem short. V.1 is about 22 1/4 off the floor, with this project, the height will be 23 1/4. In addtion, my knee won’t touch the radiator. With that aspect, it will be nice during the winter months.


I thought that I should throw this up. I cut out the holes of the sides for the fan ports. Flush route them, I’ll have to sand them at the wood shop.

Getting the Jigsaw set up.

After finishing routing the holes flush.

I also took the time to make the hole for the motherboard tray.

I actually want to make some coasters out of these.

Also, I took some time to trim up my “almost” done assembly bench (30″X60″) I only have 3/4″ plyboard right now, I am working on another 3/4″ of ash (same wood for this project). It  won’t be too hard on the tools, it is a good, strong, cheap wood that is really underrated in my opinion. For those who don’t know, it is the wood that is used for baseball bats.

Anyways, that’s the update of the day.


I just found out that I am 1/4″ short on a piece of stock! more like it is a 1/4″ thin. The piece I am as of this post, will call it the back hood as it refers to the rad. HD’s, PSU. Anyways, look at the back piece of the isometric view and that piece should of been 8″ instead. The solution to this problem is to make up a short piece  about 1/4″ wide, glue that on, plus to help cover it up even further, I’ll put up some veneer  Beside it would probably work better than what I was originally intending (leave it alone).

That’s it for tonight as far as actual progress.

On the side note, I took some pics while I was test fitting the box of the desk.

This will look really GOOD! once I get the spar poly-urethane.


I am just about finished my assembly table. What does this have to do with this project? A lot of things, including future projects. I really don’y have a work table to work on at home, a good part of this project has to be done at the local college. In fact the entire project is sitting at the wood shop for the weekend. I should have the assembly of the desk done by the end of next week.


I just finished gluing up the top section of the desk. I have been a bit slow because of life.

I didn’t take as much progress photos as I liked. So here is what I have taken.

After I glued up the “upper section”. For some reason I hope I glued the inside peice right. I usually check my work after everything is settled, but I didn’t tonight. I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow (I kind of have to move it before somebody decides it’ll be a fun idea to break other people’s stuff).

After playing around with the old drill press.

That is it for now, I am sleepy, I go do some TF2 or read a book.

So it this is taking me forever to complete, I am waiting for the connectors for the pump. I got pretty much everything else to finish the project. I alsho had to get a new motherboard, the old one would cause the display to disappear within a two minute period. I upgraded the model from 890 gd-70 to a 990 gd-80 in order to make the transition easier to I don’t have to uninstall the drivers from the old. The live update should be able to do some of the drivers.





OK, this post has been long over due, I had this done shortly after the last post, roughly around 1-7. The setup has worked out really good. My left knee is no longer cold during use, the wire management is working out really well, the new setup is much cleaner and organized than the last one; this is a success.

Here are some pics, I’ll update tonight (pacific time California) and show off the lighting. Right now, it is over clocked to 4.1 Ghz (AMD 6200 hexicore), the video card is the same (not overclocked), the motherboard is asus (I had a couple of jobs and MRA for the msi board was taking way too long). So yeah, here are some pics below.



Gotta love the flaws in the wood, just gorgeous.


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